Golf Art Paintings

Canvas Prints available on all paintings
24″ x 36″ – $295 unframed, $395 framed
30″ x 40″ – $395 unframed, $495 framed

As an avid golfer myself, I was struck by the intense portrayal of the mental side of the game. Almost without exception, guests are immediately drawn to this work by its vivid colors and engaging subject matter. As for me, I get the opportunity to view the painting from my desk every work day of the year!!!
George E. Jochetz, III, Houston, Texas:


24 x 32 Canvas Print
$295 unframed; $395 framed (black only)

30 x 40 Canvas Print
$395 unframed; $495 framed (black only)

24 x 32 Paper Print
$195 unframed

The Canvas Prints look very close to the Original.  Unframed Canvas Prints, which are printed a solid color around the edges, look great hanging unframed, but even better framed.  All framing is done in black, which really sets off the painting.

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